What Went Wrong with the World Today?

What is Wrong with the World Today?
What has happened to our country. Why all the mass killings? What has gone wrong in this world? These questions many keep asking and find all kinds of excuses like it’s the violent video games so it’s the game makers fault. It’s the violence on television and in the movies so it must be Hollywood’s fault. No, stop pointing fingers and start pointing them back at ourselves. The answer is simple. It’s due to lack of Christian morals and values. Ask instead are we teaching our children Christian values?


Do we regularly read the bible and tell bible stories to our children? This will instill love for others in the hearts of our children instead of hate. This is a concern of Christian Protest. All around the world we should protest the government’s forcing us to stop encouraging Christian values in our schools. Have Christian Protest at our schools and governments to stop encouraging activities that oppose biblical teachings such as leading a promiscuous life style, lack of respect for parents and elders, tolerance of violent behavior, etc. If we could just encourage the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12, “Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them”, then this would lead to a more peaceful and understanding society.
God Bless.


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