Christian Protest the Poem A Christian Remonstration

This is a poem I found lurking around the net. I thought I would share it with everyone.

Let the Christians Protest Let them remonstrate since its loss of like and everything good they try to take. Take away our right to pray take away our right to say god is good god is great let us all be here to say. Let us say let us pray let us all have the right and need to pray. Wherever, whenever. Whenever we feel the need whenever we See those that cannot. For those that will not for those that believe but have not the time. For those who do not believe because they are too smart. For those who do not believe because they are full of negative thoughts. For those who do not believe because they are overcome from illness. They are overcome from ill thoughts. They do not think straight because they are led down the path of destruction. Foreseen destruction is not our fate because we have no problem with being late for the end days which come like a thief in the night without a thought of who might be right or who is a fault. Only those who do not stand in grace with wither without a trace. Yes, our Lord is full of grace but without that grace, you will wither without a trace and let all be known that those without a face or without a voice will all be heard on the day of our Lord. The day that comes without an end the day comes with no pretend. Since we will be here waiting and ready for the Lord is coming sure and steady.


Let us Christian remonstrate let us have a Christian remonstration and a Christian Protest to show how we can truly change the world. Show how Jesus did change the world forever. Those who will not believe and find our Christ like some story fairytale. Let them know that Jesus is real, Jesus is here, Jesus will always and forever be our ideal. For all that is good and all that should be the blessing we seek and always we need. Yes, always we need his intervention, his guidance, his love, his perseverance, his knowledge and guidance. We need his guidance to keep on the focused path that we would never sway away from that path that is good and righteous in Gods eyes. Let us not be dissuaded in the path to God’s righteousness and forever be in his guidance where we will be enlightened in the shadow of his light. Yes, let the Christians Protest, Let the Christians Remonstrate let them demonstrate through the halls of our minds and clean out the dust left from Satan’s demise where he littered his evils at an attempt to divert us from the righteous path. Where he tried to prey on our earthly needs and desires. Where fails to guide us into his deathly fires. Let us be strong let us be long on the joys of Christ in our need that’s strong and always be and eternally in debt for the price that was entrusted in each soul for the grace and love of our lord. What in return could we ever pay, what in return could we even say that would ever be gracious enough, that would even be thoughtful and just, pure enough to even be laid on the floor of my Lord. For the basement in my Lords house is the penthouse of mine own house and would be the luxury that is all we need. That the grace that pours on my unworthy head is more than anything that I spread throughout this world while I was here and left a small but worthy deed to be a legacy for those to see that it was always his guidance his trust that led my faith. Throughout the ages let this testimony be read let all the times be all entwined with his power and love and grace throughout. I can’t even spout the pure and grace that could only be found in God’s embrace. Let the Christian Protest, let the Christian Remonstrate on the path to the day that we find our fate.



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