Suggesting Christian Protest Music

Do you have any suggestions for good Christian Protest songs? or Christian Remonstration songs. Please let us know of any suggestions you may have. We should encourage musicians and songwriters to create Christian Protest music. We should encourage people and congregations to learn and sing these songs because they announce our values and allow us to express our love and devotion to our Lord. Below are some suggested Christian Protest songs for you. Also, we are interested in Gospel Music Lyrics. Please send a message detail websites or interesting Gospel Music Lyrics.

Mick Duane Economos

Mick Duane Economos brings to light in his Christian protest song “If Jesus Came Today” the attempt of some churches to reduce Jesus role to almost non-existing in the Christian church. So much so, that we would not recognize him; would not listen to him; and would not let him in if he were to appear to us today.


Larry Norman

Larry Norman combines political problems with his religious beliefs. In his song “Great American Novel” the last line of the song is very profound.

Andy Rogers

This Andy Rogers song is center around those who believe we don’t need religion. This has 60’s feel with Bob Dylan type harmonica playing.



Why Should a Christian Protest

Why Should a Christian Protest
After all, we have already been saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Then why should Christian’s Protest? Well, my quick answer is that “it is not about us”. We should protest for our children, our grandchildren, for those who would come to know Christ but will not hear about Jesus because of the circumstance around them. There are those that are not even given a chance as in the case of abortion. There are many reasons for a Christian Protest . Just as Jesus moved around from city to city so he could voice his message and let others know and learn about him and the righteous path, we should not just sit back and gaze joyfully at the pastor each Sunday and believe we have fulfilled our duties of being a good Christian. The illusion of Christians being a bunch of wimpy do gooders that would not say shit if they had a mouthful of it, should be just that, an illusion. The greatest countries today were founded on Christian principals and morals. Those countries that forgo Christian values and morals are doomed to fail. Just as the Soviet Union has fallen apart, they will fail. Whatever country we live in, it will fail if we allow our government to forget about Christian values and morals.

The slipping away of Christian values happens very subtle. First we allow a little bit of fluctuation with our values, then a little more and a little more. Then they disappear altogether. This has happened with contemporary Christian music. It seems like it started to become acceptable for contemporary Christian music to have some reference that could be interpreted to following Christ. As I listen to contemporary music today, it seems like the reference to Christ has gotten pretty vague as changes occurring with the gospel music lyrics. This has happened very subtly over the years and seems like a tactic of Satan to divert the music away from Christ. Even the music being played on Christian radio stations should have a Christian Protest. We should not allow secular music to be disguised as Christian contemporary music. Without good gospel music lyrics it does not lead anyone to Christ and only aids in diverting them away from Christ.

The list of topics for Christian Protest is pretty long such as prolife, homosexual disorder, commercial Churches not teaching the word of God, Christian music not being Christian, government regulations making a mockery of marriage. The list goes on and on. So, if we want our children and grandchildren to be able to live in a world where they can freely announce their Christian faith, values and morals, we can no longer have the luxury to just sit in the church and be part of the audience. We must start to take a stance and have a Christian Protest.

Commercial Churches A Diversion Away From Jesus

Today Christians must stay cognizant to the fact that many church’s are becoming more commercialized so that they can appeal to more people. They will attempt to appeal to everyone.

In doing so, they water down their message so they do not offend anyone. Some have taken down their crosses, and will not mention Jesus sacrifice, and no longer conduct Bible Study. They seem to be there to conduct pep rallies and have motivational speakers instead of biblical speakers. Instead of their goal being to bring praise honor and glory to our Lord, their goals are selfish only to serve and promote each other. It is our focus at Christian Protest to bring awareness to diversions away from Jesus Christ. As Christians, we must keep our praise and focus on Jesus. He is the only way for our salvation. Churches that fail to pass on this message serve no good for our Lord. They only serve to divert people’s attention away from our Lord Jesus and that is exactly what the great deceiver (Satan) would like to happen. We encourage our readers to bring Christian Protest and awareness of these subtle practices to divert the focus away from our Lord. These practices are not only inside the Church they also are Prevalent on so called Christian Radio stations. We should Scrutinize every song that is played. Many of the songs we hear on some Christian stations in no way give praise or glory to our Lord. They only serve to glorify the singer of the song. They have no relevance to the sacrifice of Jesus. Our Christian Protest should include revealing Radio Stations that fly the Christian Banner but in no way glorify Jesus Christ. If you can not easily hear that Jesus is being glorified in a song then who is it glorifying? Ask that question on every song that is being played. Then ask, why are they playing it? who are they trying to glorify? Do I really want to listen to songs that pretend to be Christian but do not give praise and glory to Jesus?
God Bless.

What Went Wrong with the World Today?

What is Wrong with the World Today?
What has happened to our country. Why all the mass killings? What has gone wrong in this world? These questions many keep asking and find all kinds of excuses like it’s the violent video games so it’s the game makers fault. It’s the violence on television and in the movies so it must be Hollywood’s fault. No, stop pointing fingers and start pointing them back at ourselves. The answer is simple. It’s due to lack of Christian morals and values. Ask instead are we teaching our children Christian values?


Do we regularly read the bible and tell bible stories to our children? This will instill love for others in the hearts of our children instead of hate. This is a concern of Christian Protest. All around the world we should protest the government’s forcing us to stop encouraging Christian values in our schools. Have Christian Protest at our schools and governments to stop encouraging activities that oppose biblical teachings such as leading a promiscuous life style, lack of respect for parents and elders, tolerance of violent behavior, etc. If we could just encourage the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12, “Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them”, then this would lead to a more peaceful and understanding society.
God Bless.